Physiotherapy At Home

At Octaplus Home Physiotherapy we understand that many are unable to travel the distance to get the required physiotherapy treatment and assistance from a skilled Physiotherapist.
People avail ‘Octaplus Healing-Touch‘ home physiotherapy service for a number of reasons; often people are too injured, too sick or in too much pain to leave the house whereas in other cases people simply prefer to receive physio treatment at home where they are most comfortable.

Our Physiotherapists in Mangalore regularly provide home visit service to patients with Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons Disease, Road Accidents,Age related difficulties etc covering all aspects of Physiothereapy, to recover from any kind of disability . Home physiotherapy is also quite appropriate for Post-Surgical patients like hip or knee replacements as well as those with falls and balance problems. Furthermore palliative care for positioning can be learned at home visits and of course all of the injuries and conditions that we regularly treat in the clinic can be treated in the home.
Octaplus Physiotherapists also work with rest of the family at home to maximize the patient’s rehabilitation process, as well as giving them an opportunity to ask the physio any questions and also learn how they can help out.

Physiotherapy is nothing but allaying method to reduce the tension between the bone and tissues .What our Physiotherapists in Mangalore do is nothing of magic but a continuous process of healing the pain and discomfort through proper healing methods. With years of experience in the field and always under the influence of supervisors .Our Physios have proved to be the best in the industry in Mangalore . In Home Physiotherapy is very much significant to post operative patients with a knee or hip replacement surgeries.

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