Our Services

Preventive Care

What is Preventive Health Care.?? Preventive care is nothing but prevention from disease and ailments. Because disease prevention is better than treatment. Just as health incorporates an assortment of physical and mental states, so does disease and disabilities, which are influenced by environmental components, hereditary inclination, and way of life. The three things which are uncontrollable by humans are health, Diseases and disability which start before people concede they are influenced. Preventive care depends on how we anticipate the disease and ailment.. Read More

Geratric/Elderly Care

Elderly Care at Octaplus Mangalore is accessible for the elderly who require round the clock assistance. Our group of experts interpret the day by day difficulties of the elderly and are outfitted with appropriate plan which obliges them to deal with somebody who needs living help. Our senior care package has been designed to show the client how autonomous they can be while taking complete care of them in their homes... Read More

Home Nursing Care

When somebody near you is unwell and needs taken care of, you require a reliable medical caretaker who can convey fantastic clinical care to your adored one. Octaplus Home Nursing has qualified and enrolled attendants who acquire healing center standard clinical support to your home, guaranteeing the individual you tend to is in the most secure conceivable hands... Read More

Postoperative Care

Postoperative Care is nothing but caring for the patient after a surgical procedure. The period after the surgical procedure is very critical, as the patients need intensive care to become normal. It’s necessary that you follow specialist’s guidelines after you leave the hospital. Take medications as recommended, try the best to keep away from complications. Having said that you don’t neglect physical activity if you’ve been given the go ahead to get around slowly. Start to resume mundane activities as anon as you safely can... Read More


Physiotherapy At Home

At Octaplus Home Physiotherapy we understand that many are unable to travel the distance to get the required physiotherapy treatment and assistance from a skilled Physiotherapist.
People avail ‘Octaplus Healing-Touch‘ home physiotherapy service for a number of reasons; often people are too injured, too sick or in too much pain to leave the house whereas in other cases people simply prefer to receive physio treatment at home where they are most comfortable... Read More

Maternity Care

What is Maternity Care…?? Its a type of preventive care where the focus is on the mothers and babies health before and after pregnancy . In that timescale your doctor would want to see you more often, So your doctor schedules the meetings and checkups. Your caregiver keeps up with the dates and time accordingly. The problem is when you’re more than 35 years old and have a condition relating to diabetes or blood pressure. That’s where Octaplus Maternity Care comes in... Read More

Visiting Doctor

Isn’t it a dream come true if your Specialist Doctor could send over a Doctor of his choice to visit your home when you really need one? Well its not a dream anymore because Octoplus is doing just that for you. We are proud to announce the ‘Octaplus Doctors Doc’ , a home visiting doctor service where your Specialist will send an expert Doctor to care of you and to monitor your recovery, all in the comfort of your home and at the time of your convenience... Read More

Labs Tests & Diagnostics

Octaplus General & Specialty Home Laboratory Testing Services

Our laboratory services range from routine testing, such as basic blood counts and cholesterol tests, to highly complex methods that assist in diagnosing genetic conditions, cancers, and other rare diseases... Read More

Medical Equipment Rental

Octaplus Medical Equipment rental is the most patient-focused, comprehensive and responsive home medical equipment department created specially to provide mobility care, relief and hi-technology home service so that you don’t have to that additional financial burden while we can do it for you. Our medical equipment rental service was introduced because of our dedication to improving the lives of hospice patients and their families is evident in the service we provide, while maintaining the highest standards of honesty and integrity. We are driven by attention to detail and our desire to serve the patient... Read More

Ambulance Service

A fair number of our patients require ambulance or vehicular transportation on a non-emergency basis for medically necessary reasons. Examples include pre-scheduled transfers between locations, to radiology Centre, healthcare or treatment facilities, or between patient’s homes and hospitals... Read More