Maternity Care

What is Maternity Care…?? Its a type of preventive care where the focus is on the mothers and babies health before and after pregnancy . In that timescale your doctor would want to see you more often, So your doctor schedules the meetings and checkups. Your caregiver keeps up with the dates and time accordingly. The problem is when you’re more than 35 years old and have a condition relating to diabetes or blood pressure. That’s where Octaplus Maternity Care comes in .

Prenatal care is the care you get while you’re pregnant . It includes testing and checkups to keep you healthy. Prenatal care helps you keep you and your baby healthy . It allows doctors or caregivers spot health problems early. Early treatment can cure and subside man problems and prevent other problems from occurring.

Octa mum me package keeps track of every record and every minute detailing of your sugar and pressure count that if at all there is some unevenness it will be straightway reported to your doctor and asked for a second opinion. Your doctor will be in direct contact with our team and it will be seen that everything is reported time to time.

Prenatal Care is essential in guaranteeing the solid development and improvement of your child. Ladies who get pre-birth care have easy delivery and healthy children.

Postnatal care is equally important as prenatal care. After labor, both mother and child need extreme care. This care may come directly after delivery while still in the doctor’s facility and through medications and specialist’s visits in the next weeks. A lady’s body experiences a plethora of physical and mental changes after labor and your specialist can offer help to get through this cycle.

A full physical exam is generally performed a month and a half after the birth, at which time you can ask your specialist inquiries and share any worries you may have.

Maternity Care package (3 months Pre Conceiving to 3 Yrs. post Delivery)

  • Gynaecologist consultations (15 consultations)
  • Pregnancy Mobile Application (Daily Knowledge Resource & Online Community Networking with other conceiving women)
  • Pilates and other fitness Audio/Video/Books.
  • Child Care Mobile Application (Daily Knowledge Resource & Online Community Networking with other Mothers)
  • Paediatrician consultations post-delivery (12 consultations)
  • Ultrasound investigations
  • Breast Examination
  • Foetal medicine consultation
  • Vaccines for the new born
  • Tetanus injections (2-3 times as per the doctor’s recommendation)
  • Ante-natal education
  • 24-hour nursing care
  • Physiotherapist counselling
  • New-born screening test
  • New baby Pack (diaper, clothes, tie-cloth etc. for the period of hospitalization).
  • Operation theatre charges.
  • Medical team (Gynaecologist, Anaesthetist, Paediatrician, Neonatologist & nurses) charges
  • Consumables, disposables & medicines used during delivery
  • Antibiotics used for C-section
  • Post Delivery counselling
  • Baby Grow Application with knowledge resource and Daily baby picture archive.
  • Dietician counselling
  • Fitness counselling
  • Foetal NST
  • Non-Emergency medical transport
  • Baby Care Training
  • Lab tests
  • TSH, FREE T3 & T4·
  • FBS
  • RBS
  • GTT
  • OGCT
  • HIV
  • VDRL
  • CBC
  • HCV