Geratric/Elderly Care

Elderly Care at Octaplus Mangalore is accessible for the elderly who require round the clock assistance. Our group of experts interpret the day by day difficulties of the elderly and are outfitted with appropriate plan which obliges them to deal with somebody who needs living help. Our senior care package has been designed to show the client how autonomous they can be while taking complete care of them in their homes.

Our Elderly Care objective is to loan some assistance to the meticulous generation who have constrained time to deal with their folks’ wellbeing. A large portion of the youngsters these days adapt to the blame of not having the capacity to do equity in dealing with their folks. Octaplus Geriatric Care has a planned principle point of having the capacity to help these youngsters and guarantee that their folks’ wellbeing is being dealt with successfully.

Our recently outlined Geriatric care package for the elderly includes persistent support to them with the assistance of numerous analysis that are performed by our team. These analysis reports are proficiently archived and are made accessible on the patients database to keep our customers data up to date.

Elderly Care package gives a substantial care plan to the elderly. Dealing with elderly becomes quite a difficult task especially keeping their health in perspective. Guaranteeing that every one of their needs are dealt with, Octaplus Medicare have come up with the most efficient and reliable package for the Elderly

Our Elderly Care Package Includes:

  • Assessment of the Elderly requiring care and environment assessment report.
  • Completely centralized precision software application and mobile application system to monitor the health of the aging individual.
  • Personalized Elderly care plan to ensure maximum care and improve physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Additional improvement and plan day to day independent living structure for elderly dealing with Dementia.
  • Personalized diet plan from Dietician panel.
  • Personalized fitness plan from our Fitness panel.
  • Assigning of care support team like Visiting Physician, Nurse and Physiotherapist, 24hr or 12hr Trained Care Giver etc.
  • Light Indoor and outdoor activity as mentioned in the care plan.
  • Regular Nurse Visit for health monitoring.
  • Regular Physician visit for Health Check-ups, improvement monitoring and change suggestions.
  • Patient Personal Hygiene Management.
  • Assisting with medications administration, wound dressing, bed sore prevention.
  • Mobility, dressing, bathing and bathroom assistance.
  • Door delivery of Prescription medication at a discount.
  • Easy & Quick appointment scheduling with Top Doctors & Specialist Medical Consultants.
  • 24/7 Online access to all health records through web app & mobile app anywhere in the world.
  • Medical Equipment rental.
  • Non-Emergency Ambulance Service.