Preventive Care & Postoperative Care

Octa Prevent’ Home Service includes home health screenings and monitoring such as regular check-ups, lab tests, home Doctor visits, fitness/diet planning and other key programs that are used to prevent illnesses.. Read More

Home Nursing Services

We accept every patient as a friend, serve them as our family and treat every assignment with respect and we think we have what it takes to win your confidence and be the best home nursing care company… Read More

Geratric/Elderly Care

Elderly Care at Octaplus Mangalore is accessible for the elderly who require round the clock assistance. Our senior care package has been designed to show the client how autonomous they can be while taking complete care of them in their homes.. Read More

Physiotherapy & Nursing At Home

‘Octaplus Healing-Touch‘ home physiotherapy and Nursing service for a number of reasons; often people are too injured, too sick or in too much pain to leave the house whereas in other cases people simply prefer to receive physiotherapy and nursing treatment at home where they are most comfortable.. Read More