More than one in eight Indian adults, according to a survey have become caregivers to aging loved ones with chronic conditions. Of those caregivers may spend nearly 30 hours a week or more caring for the elderly sometimes in addition to an outside job. This can all become overwhelming over time and erode the quality of life for the Caregivers and vice versa.
Coping With Problems
No matter how well-intentioned, thoughtful and loving the relationship between the aged and a caregiver the resulting emotional and physical toll can be very high. A survey has now discovered that Caregivers are multiple times more likely to suffer from depression, hypertension and other stress related ailments than those not providing care. Caregivers are more likely to develop diabetes and pulmonary diseases live a less fulfilled life.
How can octaplus Help?
octaplus can provide compassionate, skilled and and highly trained caregivers who can take over the responsibility of providing systematic care from day one. So now you and your family can leave the care giving duties to professionals who don't just provide high quality care but also monitor the health and provide emotional therapy by becoming a companion to your loved one.
Our Customized Care Plans
A care plan customized to your specific needs might include anything from grooming, bathing, running errands, timely medication support, dressing assistance, wheelchair transfers to general looking after and extensive monitoring. octaplus HomeCare packages offer a variety of services, allowing you and your loved ones to choose what they need most.
  • Scheduling Doctors appointments and social activities
  • Nutritious meal planning, preparation and cleanup
  • Active thinking and memory care
  • Safety and medication
  • Standby assistance with routines
  • Assistance with mealtime feeding and restroom assistance
  • Emotional support
  • Basic housekeeping and running errands
  • Basic exercise  and transportation
  • Transfer to/from bed, wheelchair, etc
  • Bathing, dressing and grooming

Professional care giving Brings Happiness!
With someone else to take care of daily care giving routine,you as a family can return to simply enjoying  your relationship with an aging parent or loved ones while creating new memories and recalling old ones.
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